A Store Dedicated To Provide Awesome Exercise Accessories. Fitness Is Not A Destination Or A Number On The Scale. It Is A General Mindset And A Lifestyle...... It Is A Way Of Life.

Why Choose Us?

We provide high quality products that suit your every need. These products revolve around sports, physical fitness and self-improvement. As they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, well to us exercising everyday does the trick!

Physical fitness and good health is our top priority. This is determined by your lifestyle, and how often you exercise your body hence our top quality products aid in achieving this.

This store guarantees first-class service to dispel all doubts. Our products are the best and we offer free shipment to the United States, Europe and Canada.

We offer free resend or refund for quality problem, full refund for delivery failed.

Thanks for the good customer service, always responded on time. Finally, I have the yoga mat. I love it, especially the quality, that's a five star! 

Jennifer Smith
Day-Care mum

About Us

Rose Anuri,

store owner

I come from a family where everyone is a sports lover, I am a volleyball player and an athlete. What inspired me to open this store, is my passion for sports and body exercising for self-improvement. 

I know what people like me need and I'm here to offer the "magic treasure" that definitely suits sports lovers.